Dear Police Officers

Thank you for everything you do for our society. I mean it. The majority of us owe you a greater debt than we could ever repay.

You help keep us safe – as safe as you’re able to. Please don’t feel bad that you can’t keep every crime from happening. There will always be “bad guys” and people who we need protection from. There are some scary things out there; thank you for standing up to them.

You help hold people accountable and for that I am grateful. You don’t let us drive unsafely or treat others violently. We cannot steal, be destructive to others’ property, or be dishonest with money or taxes. Thank you for keeping the peace.

You’re frequently up in the middle of the night. When so many of us are sleeping, you are working hard. Thank you. What would we do if you were only 9 to 5?

I know that things have been rough lately. Because of some corrupt or misguided officers, you are all suffering. No profession has 100% of good people; I’m writing to those of you who are. I see you and I appreciate you.

There are so many things you do for us, so many that I cannot even begin to mention them all. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.

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