dear future man

i can’t wait to be with you!
i daydream all the time about the fun memories i want to make with you. the simple moments we’ll have in our days that will stand out to me. there will be so many firsts, and i can’t wait to make them all.

the first date, first kiss, first time we hold hands, first house, first child, first vacation, first movie night. the big things and the little things all mean so much to me.
i dip in and out of daydreaming about you, because not knowing you yet hurts. but it also gives me so much hope and excitement that i’ll be able to do all these things with you one day.
and while i wait, there’s so much to do! not necessarily to get ready for you, but things i get to do, work on, focus on, while i’m not with you yet. like i’m learning a new language. i’m strengthening my relationships. i’m tackling mental health. i’m finding the music i love. so, i’m not becoming someone else, but more myself. y’know?
to write like this, i have to have music on in the background, or in my ears, that helps me keep writing in the right direction. music really impacts writing, and if i write without music, or the wrong music for the vibe i’m going for, it’s detrimental. i have to start over, toss it in the trash, and more than anything, i feel disappointment because i didn’t get to express myself right. so i appreciate music helping!
i can’t wait to hold your hand. to see you smile at me. to see love and laughter dancing in your eyes. to see you passionate about the things you love in life. to try things for the first time with you. it’ll be so amazing. and i’m waiting to do it all with you.

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