dear a fake friend

I think you know who you are. I don’t think you’ll ever read this letter.

I met you a very long time ago. It was fine then.

We were separated. I made a new best friend – Hollie (not actually her name). Then you come back. Suddenly Hollie is your best friend and I’m out of the picture. Hollie doesn’t realize. You two fight so much, and my only use in the friendship was building bridges, making Hollie and you friends again. I’m excluded from you two for months.

Finally, I start hanging out with you, but every day at our free period you walk with Hollie, talking trash about me. You don’t let me come, so I’m right were I started.

Then, you call Hollie a bad friend to her face. This isn’t the first fight you’ve had. When you fight, Hollie stops being your friend for a couple of days or even weeks if it’s bad. Those weeks – they’re the best weeks I ever have. But this time it’s different. I could see Hollie collapse, because she didn’t do anything to you.

By the end of that day, you’re crying, as if someone called you a bad friend. I get that you were upset, but you have to be better than calling people bad friends.

Hollie hangs out with me, and I can tell she’s happy. Maybe it changed. But no, of course not.

Hollie, being the bigger person, forgives you. I don’t know how she did that. It’s what I admire most about her. The next day, you guys are friends again. Somehow, you get into another fight with her and she cuts you off for the summer. Hollie moved onto my street, and we talked almost everyday!

Then, when the new school year starts, Hollie says that you moved on and that she was going to give you a second chance. I wanted to scream and cry and yell, and I’m seething just writing this letter.

I’m excluded. AGAIN.

You made me cry every night for months. I was scared to go to school because I knew you would exclude and make fun of me. Every single day.

Hollie talked with people, and told me that she was done with you. because you thrived on the drama.

Every day, you walk up to Hollie, but she’s polite and just doesn’t hang out with you. It’s amazing for me, and I’m not really worried about you. you have tons of friends, and they hang out with you enough that I can tell that they don’t think you’re fake.

You’re jealous of my friendship with Hollie, and that’s something I can’t do anything about.

If you wanted to be friends with Hollie, you should have been good to her.

Did you know that every time I see you, I think about all the pain you caused, and know that you’ll never have to go through that pain. You have your life set out for you, and the only person that could hurt me the way you did would be yourself.

I never wanted to have a bad relationship with you.

But it’s not my fault.

And i know that now. Before i was blaming myself. The way i looked, the way i talked, the way i acted.

But it was never me.

It was you.

And your disability to treat me right.

You don’t have to be my friend.

I don’t want you as a friend.

I want you to figure out your life, so not all of your meaningful relationships end.

Just like ours did.

It went down the drain, because you didn’t care.

And you should’ve cared.

And I will never forgive you.

Some people say that they are people that don’t belong in your life.







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