dear cool girl

Hi. It’s the girl that you told was wrong because she’d never said a bad word, because she spent her time in books, because she wasn’t ‘cool’ like you.
I was quiet when you said that. I let you think you were right. But I’ve been thinking, and I know you’re not.
Maybe I’m different, but maybe that’s good.

Why would I want to say those bad words? I’m proud that I’ve never said one. So, so, proud.
Why would I care if you think my hobbies are dumb or stupid? I enjoy them, and they make me me. Unique.
Why would I care about being cool? I think that it’s even cooler to be who I am. To be me.
So, thanks for helping me realize that. I’m different from you, and I’m proud of it.

2 thoughts on “dear cool girl

  1. I agree with everything you said, the only thing you got wrong was calling that girl cool.
    She sounds like the opposite. You on the other hand sound cool.
    Reading is amazing. The feel of being stuck in a book. Never let anyone tell you reading isn’t cool.
    And not saying bad words? Like come on.
    Everyone thinks…”Oh saying bad words makes me cool.”
    But it doesn’t, It makes you stupid!

    Loved this letter!

    Great work posting letters Luna Starlight!


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