Dear Stranger

I thought we were best friend goals.
We were together since we were toddlers.
So different from each other, yet we understood each other so perfectly.
Or did we? No. And I guess I was too late to realise.

I didn’t realise how much I was holding back because of you. Because of your toxic nature.
You made fun of my anxiety and then opened up to me about YOUR problems. And you expected me to care for you. Yes, of course I did. I don’t know how anyone could do that to a friend. Be two faced, talk bad about my back, replace me with one of your other friends and never ever care about me but you always expect me to be there for you. But did I ever say anything? No. I didn’t.
I need to let you go but it’s hard. We’ve had so many memories together. Honestly, I don’t want to. But being around you isn’t good for me. Maybe it’s time I finally think about myself.
I need someone who understands me. Who cares. Who listens. Who doesn’t someone’s take mental health as a joke. Someone who actually wants to be friends with me.
That someone clearly isn’t you. I wish I could say this to you, but I’m not great with words, or people. Remember when you called me anti-social? Yeah. It’s not true, it’s called being selectively social. But it still hurt. I can’t text you this either because all you do is say “idc” and block me.
So, yeah.
I don’t want to be your friend anymore.
Not enemies.
Maybe we’re just..
Strangers with memories.

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