Dear past friend

We knew each other for a long time. Almost 6 years of goofy, fun, and awesome friendship. You called us best friends all those years.
But it didn’t last forever, even though at the time i wished it would.

You accused me of things that weren’t true, you betrayed my trust. You called me too young and immature for you to be friends with; that I couldn’t relate to what you were going through because I was younger than you.
I had thought our friendship was rock solid, but now I know that a friendship that is not centered on Christ can never be solid.

You hurt me through that letter more than you know. Who knew that two double-sided pages of typed words could cut so deep. I for sure didn’t.

It took me a while Year to heal, and it has been really hard for me. Ever since that moment, I’m always hesitant to get to know new people and trust them.

But even though it was a terrible time in my life, and it devastated me, it was needed. God knew that that friendship was not healthy. He knew that you were influencing me in worldly things, instead of building each other up.
He knew that down the road it would turn out worse than we could imagine.

That night when I was sitting on my bed, crying, I heard His still small voice say “Why are you trying to do this on your own? This is my job.”
I was clinging onto that friendship so tightly; trying to find an ounce of control in the uncontrollable situation that was unfolding. But the second that I let go of that grip on control, He said to me “I’ve got this”. He gave me so much Peace. The Peace that surpasses ALL understanding.
And even though we aren’t friends, I know that it happened for the very best!! And I want you to know that I pray for you every week; that the Lord would bring someone else into your life who can be a Light for Christ in your life! And that your relationship with the Lord would grow SO much more, and that you would learn to hear His still small voice, as I have.

I still care about how you’re doing, really; not just what you’ve done this week, but how YOU are doing.

Thanks for all the fun years, and I hope we can reconnect at some point in our lives, when and if it’s in God’s plan for our lives.

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