Dear Perfect Best Friend

You just seem perfect. You do well in everything and everyone loves you.

When I made friends, it didn’t take you long to start calling them your “best friends”. when I fall, I know you’ll catch me. you’re too kind not to. but when something – finally – goes right for me, you try to drag me down, tell me it’s not a big achievement, that you could do better, that your achievements matter more than mine. when I talk about reading – which I didn’t like before, but do now – you always talk as if you’re the book expert. even if I’m talking about a writer you don’t know, you’ll still try and “teach me about reading.” I wish you realised… I don’t need you to do well. I also don’t need you telling me that you can do better. I don’t need all this negativity. I wish our friendship could go back to the way it used to be. but it can’t. because I will never forget… that day I won a contest and you said you could’ve done it too. the day I passed a dance exam and you brushed it off saying you could do it better. the day i got a higher score than you and you said it’s because you were distracted.

I will never forget, nor will I forgive, you for this.

and one day, when I’m more successful, you won’t be there to watch.

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