dear my best friend

 girl…there’s so much i want to say to you.

firstly, i wish you loved yourself more. you’ve had so much going on and you’ve had to deal with things you never should have had to deal with. when these things happen, you just shrug it off saying, ‘i don’t matter.” i get it…truly i do. but it breaks my heart. you deserve so much better.

you mean so much to me. i know i don’t to the best at showing it, but you help me so much. i just wish i could do the same for you. I’m not good at knowing what to say and I’m sorry.

for a long time, i thought i’d never have another best friend and then you came along…and clearly i was wrong. i hope we’ll always remain friends, even if we aren’t always *best* friends.

also i hope we can overcome our mental illnesses together…surely we can, right?

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