dear angel

you are so beautiful. an angel.
you barely know me but I wish it wouldn’t be that way
I think of you everyday.

I wonder if you do that, too. Think of me.
I hope I’m not just someone to help you cheat on exams and help you get good grades and not only there to talk about school stuff.
No, that’s not what I want to be to you.
Because you certainly aren’t to me. You are so much more.
You are why I smile.
Whenever I think of you, which is almost all the time.
You are such an angel. You have such a beautiful laugh.
Your sense of humor, your intelligence, your smile.
You are literally the reason I’m excited to come to school everyday. To see you. Really.
Now that you sit a few seats behind me, I can’t look at you all the time. I could, but I’d have to turn back and you’d see me staring at you.
I wish you could read this, know I think of you, know what you are to me, know that I call you “beautiful” and “angel”. But no, I’m not brave enough to send you this. Or talk to you.
You know, I feel so happy and special when you come up and talk to me. Even if it’s school related stuff. You should do that often. That time you wrote in my notebook, it was a maths sum. I still have that page.
The reason I love playing volleyball is you. I wouldn’t even like the sport if you didn’t play it. I always look forward to games period because we get to play volleyball together, and your friends, and my friends, but only you matter.
You know, angel. I really wish I didn’t feel this way. It hurts so much, when you talk to her. I feel so jealous. I want to know what your talking about and why you’re always talking to her. I envy her.
Well, that’s about everything. I hope and pray that we’ll be in the same class the next grade too. For I know I won’t be able to forget you easily, or ever.

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