Dear “best friend”

Dear “best friend,”
Did you realise I’ve been pushing you away? Ignoring your calls, answering texts with unenthusiastic, one-word replies.
Did you know I call two other girls my best friends know? Two girls you’ve never met, or even heard me talk about.
Two girls who make for much better best friends than you.

You were the best I could get back then. But I just realised.. you’re so toxic. You think you’re so much better than me. You think I don’t have feelings. You’re ignorant, and yet you think you know so much more.
Remember when you said I don’t talk a lot? That’s because I don’t feel like I can’t tell you anything anymore.
I still pretend you’re my best friend to my mom. I still go for a sleepover at your house every few months. But I just don’t like who you are anymore. I’m past that shy girl who didn’t know a thing. I found myself, and I grew up.
And I think it’s time to say goodbye to our best friendship.

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