Dear AG

I don’t know what to call you in a letter.
If I didn’t put your initials, I would have put something like-
“Whatever you think you are.”
Either way, let me tell you what you are.

An idiot. A bully. A person who thinks she is cool.
Well let me tell you something- You aren’t.
You aren’t cool at all.
From the first day you saw me, I could see you thought low of me. Everyday on the school bus back home you would trouble me. If I got off the bus to meet my friends before it started, you would put my bag which was on my seat somewhere else or on the bus floor.
Sometimes you would call me names.
And that isn’t cool, that is idiotic.
Now, it has been years. Infact that all was before the whole covid thing. Now when school started again, you continue to trouble me.
I sat down next to someone and your table was near by. So you wanted me to go sit somewhere else.
In our school there are a few kids from the villages…which isn’t bad or anything. You kept saying…”Oh go sit with that guy.”
Then you went and complained to the teacher about the seating and about something to do with two girls sitting together. So I had to move.
I wish you could just shut the heck up.
Cause that is all you are- An idiot.
You keep giving me dirty looks as if I am a literally a piece of poop.
But that isn’t me- That’s you.
And I am sure it isn’t only me you trouble.
Anyone smart.
Anyone better than you.
Anyone who doesn’t have much money.
Anyone from a bad background.
Anyone with a disability.
Anyone who is fat.
Anyone who doesn’t look good.

Now I know you will never read this, why would you?
But still, let me tell you-
Shut the heck up and stop bullying people.
You are a real idiot, I hope you know that.
An *******.

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