Dear A.M.I.G.O.S

I’ll be using initials to respect your privacy 😌

A.H, D.S, A.G.B, O.J.M:
You are amazing 😚

I couldn’t wish for a better friend group than you ♥

You are a few of the most AMAZING people ever. I feel like I start most conflicts, and I’m terribly sorry about that, I really am. I always think about it overnight, wondering what I could do to change that.

A.H, I’m sorry you feel left out, we would never do that, we all love you very much. We love your amazing sarcastic voice and how much you love anime.

D.S, You are a fun, quirky girl, and we love you too, very much! Your signature braids are fun to play with, tbh XDXD

A.G.B, You lil’ nerd 🤓😆, I love your logical thinking and your nerdy thoughts and how you don’t understand jokes. I love your loyalty to me and how you think of me as a very good friend, I do feel the same way about you too.

O.J.M, You are a very sweet and special girl and you’re amazing the way you are. You’re the nicest in the group and also the least online, haha 😊

Overall, you guys are amazing, and I love you to the moon and back. I hope this special friendship bond with never crack 💔❌
I love you all too much,

Loads of love,