Dear AG

Looks like this is the second time I am writing to you.
The first thing I need to say is- **** you.

If you’ve read the first letter you’d know partly why.

{read the first part of this letter here}

The other part is about what you *** **** called me. A *****.
I know, this letter has a lot of swearing but what do I do.
Thankfully, I have friends. I have people who care for me. Yeah I do.
My friend- thanks a lot. Told you the shut up and go **** yourself.
And you should.
And it isn’t just me you trouble. The new girl who was your “friend” from outside school. Well that is only when teachers are there. Otherwise you treat her like ****.
You let your ******, perverted, dumb and idiotic friends tell her everyone in the class hates her and that you hate her.
And I am sure you do, no surprise there. Yet everyone in the class? Nuh-uh. We like her ok.
So you and your ****** friends should shut the **** up.

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