Dear Dad

I know you had a really messed up childhood. I know you lived in a VERY broken home. I know you have mental illnesses that make you narcissistic, manipulative, and untrusting, but I also know that you are capable of choosing. I know you have control over what you say and do, how you act. Even if you don’t know it in your heart, you DO know what is right and wrong.

Despite all of this, you have absolutely DESTROYED my family ON PURPOSE just so you could get your way. Just to be mean. Just to make yourself look good. You cheated on my mother multiple times. You told her she was worthless. You told me I was worthless. You ignored me my whole life, when I asked for your help, you made me feel stupid. I cannot remember a day when you weren’t angry. You told my brothers that Mom was the manipulative, control freak, but in reality, you were just describing yourself. You made my brothers HATE mom, when all she did was love you, be loyal to you (no matter how many times you weren’t), and spoil you on every holiday, birthday, and everything in between. My brothers adore you, and I used to as well, until I realized these things. Mom was the only one to listen to us for hours on end about our dreams, encourage us, and love us. All you did was try and convince us to hate her, put us down, ignore our existence, and get mad at us. When I started calling you out on all of the horrible things you had done, and were still doing, you lied to me, tried to manipulate me, and started being even more of a jerk. Now that you and Mom are splitting, now that you are leaving, I cannot tell you how happy I am (not that you would listen anyways). You have been nothing but cruel, and now you are losing the ONLY people who saw you as the monster you are, but loved you anyways. When all is said and done, you will have nothing to show for your life except the heartache you endured, and the heartache that you caused. Mom came from a VERY broken family too, but she broke the cycle. You didn’t break the cycle, and now you will have to live with that forever.

3 thoughts on “Dear Dad

  1. Hey guys! I just wanna say that I was pretty angry when I wrote that letter. I was heartbroken, and very hurt. I just want you guys to know that I think by writing that letter, it helped me let go of some of those feelings. I still absolutely cannot tolerate what my Dad has done, but I also recognize that he is a sad, broken, and very sick man. Even though he has done some very mean things, I still hope that he can heal too. I am still working through my feelings, but I don’t think I’m quite as mad anymore. I know I will heal. I also want to thank you all for reading my letter! It felt really good not only to get this out there, but to also know that people took the time to read it. So, Thank you!


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