dear work buddies

oh my goodness! i love you guys so much.
i already love my job, but you’re the reason why i enjoy it that much more.

there are so many of you that i wondered when i first started working here if i’d ever learn all of your names. well, i have! and i’m so glad! making connections with all of you makes work so enjoyable.

we’ll chat about our daily lives a bit, but i think my favorite things are sharing funny work moments, and helping each other out.

to the kitchen guys: oh my gosh, what an incredible bunch you are. you’re crazy, and i love you for it. i love the banter, messing around, making jokes, and forgetting that we’re all working. we share random facts we’ve learned, pretend like we’re in love, trash talk like we’re enemies, and you’re all just a huge extended family at this point. i seriously enjoy it!

to all the girls i work with up front: guys. you’re the social circle i’ve wanted for SO long! we get the job done, work together, and have an awesome time. we have lots in common and we make a great team. there’s a great feeling of mutual care and inclusiveness that i enjoy so much. i love you all!

i remember when we first started out at this work, how we all adjusted to the new place and training together. i loved helping out, training where i could, and watching us all settle in and get in an epic groove.

i love being part of something awesome – creating and maintaining relationships that make life so much more fun! thank you guys for all you do, i love you more than i think you know.

i appreciate you all!

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