dear all of you

it’s crazy when i realize that you all have completely intricate lives.

there’s a word for it, but i’ve forgotten what it is haha
like you’re not just who you are when i see you every day. you have a past, a history, your regular and boring days, your vacations and trips, your weird days that are slow and the productive days that speed by. you’re plans for the future and the things you’re working on right now.
and sometimes i think: what if we were friends? how would that change me? what would we learn about each other through a relationship, for better or worse? do we have more in common than we realize? do we get along on the surface but big differences would divide us? sometimes i wonder.
sometimes your names don’t match your faces. sometimes your names make perfect sense. sometimes i don’t understand who you guys are dating, or how you have kids. because some couples just don’t look quite right together, and some people don’t behave like moms or dads. does that make sense?
what do you pursue in life? what’s your reason for getting out of bed in the morning? do you actually want to get out of bed for that reason? because each day, i decide my reason and drive. it’s never the same thing. it can be a person, a pursuit, an idea, a goal, a dream, an exciting new adventure. i can pursue the thing itself or the things required to get me there. and some days i’ll just exist for the day. maybe along the way, the drive and reason for being awake will meet me where i am. if i can’t find it, i’ll remain open and it will find me.
it can be a brand new song i discover that excites me. it can be becoming friends with you when i didn’t previously realize we’d hit it off. it could be writing a story that i literally just came up with. you see? the possibilities are endless!
i wonder about you, all of you. i hope you’re enjoying your life and pursuing dreams and making dreams. if today was kinda disappointing or weird, that’s ok- try again tomorrow. it’s how we define our lives that makes a difference. if you chose to have a relaxing day, then an “unproductive” day was well spent. if you feel good and ok, let yourself feel that way. if you have a problem, fix it. if you want better for yourself, pursue that.
do that. live your life. don’t let life just be. actually be here and live it. you’re here today! you’re reading this. there are more things to read, more inspiration to be found- dream.

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