Dear You

 I’m proud of you for when you stood up for yourself. Even when people made fun of you, or you felt ashamed, or you agreed with them that it was dumb – you did it. I’m proud of you for caring for yourself like that.

I’m proud of you for treating yourself, and taking care of yourself. I’m proud of you for finding what makes you happy, and for when you do that thing.

I’m proud of you for letting yourself feel sad sometimes. I don’t want you to stay there, but I want you to feel it when you need to feel it.

I’m proud of you for making decisions that are best for your life, even when people think it’s outrageous or want to make comments. Let me tell you: a gossip-y conversation for a short while is nothing when we’re talking about YOUR life, 5, 10, 15 years into the future.

I’m proud of you for letting friends go who hurt you. There’s a lot of thrown guilt around friendship, like you should have to keep supporting people who are literally destroying you. You don’t. There’s immense freedom in liberating yourself, it doesn’t have to be about harming the other person.

I’m proud of you for finding things to do when you stay up late. Maybe you like looking at memes, or listening to music. Staying up late gets to the point when it’s not fun, and if you’re not enjoying that, you can work on changing it. Just take it a step at a time.

I’m proud of you for being who you are, not for being a version of yourself I think you should be. Or the version when you’re your very best. I wouldn’t be proud of you then. I would just prefer and like you as a perfect person. No, I love that you’re trying, that you’re smiling, that you’re laughing, that you’re taking steps of progress each and every day, whether you can see that progress or not. I love that you’re here, that you’re alive, and that you’re reading this letter.

I love you and care about you.

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