dear me

sometimes, your life may feel like absolute bull****, maybe because of a crappy day at school, your mom or sister shouting at you, or your friends leaving you out.
but let me tell you: that’s okay.

you’re allowed to feel like absolute s***. but I also wanted to tell you: don’t wallow in self-pity all the time.
i want to tell you that if you’re not okay, talk to your best friend. she’ll never judge you for whatever you tell her because she loves you just the way you are.
talk to your very best friends, who will never judge you for who you are, because they will always be ready with kind comforting words and a shoulder to sob on. i know some are awkward as he**, but, let me tell you, they love you no less.
i know you’ve suffered some fake friends, but you’ll never do that again. i know you.
you’ll be okay. perhaps not okay. but you’ll make it through.

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