dear sis

hey, so i know that youre struggling with a lot of stuff rn.
and i hate to see you that way.

i know i probably won’t be the first person you would talk to about your problems so instead i’m writing you this small letter, hoping it gives you some motivation, makes you feel a bit better and brightens your day. yeah i know i prolly ruined your day by fighting w you but here i am, trying to fix my mistakes.

firstly, i know youre not okay. yes, you told me you are but i know there is something hurting you in there and its fine if you dont want to talk about it. but can i seriously tell you one thing? youre worth everything and i love you so so much. look at your wrist, see the blue-ish veins? the blood flowing through them contains hemoglobin, a protein that has four iron atoms incorporated into its structure. iron is only naturally produced in one place, it can be forged in the core of dying stars. everytime you look at your veins, remember that you are built from, and kept alive by, pieces of stardust. you’re a star, sis. and look, things dont go our way. s*** happens, but the sun still comes up everyday right? life goes on.

as cliche as this sounds, life is a rollercoaster, you cant control it but you can only enjoy the ride and wait till you can get off. hang in there for me, alr? i know you are struggling and I’m always praying for you. i know you are strong and so does god. there is always something i have truly believed and that is god sometimes gives the hardest battles to the strongest people because he knows they are strong enough for them. and god knows you are strong enough. but that doesn’t mean he is just gonna leave you in the storm. no, he will take you out in his time everything is in his time you just have to wait on him but he will take you out sooner or later. this too shall pass. i know you don’t believe in god much but i promise it will be okay. close your eyes, understand that you are still young, the universe is endless and somehow everything will fall back in place.

it always does.

you have no idea how you make me feel – loved, valid and special. you help out so many people with their feelings but what about yours? know that your feelings are valid. you are cared about, worth anything and everything. there will be times where you feel that you don’t belong somewhere, can’t figure out stuff, regret the path you chose or even feel like no one would notice if you vanished. on times like those, i want to be there for you, holding out my warmest smile and giving you all the love and support i can.

some people are just born to fight, i think. it’s not that theyre born brave or theyre born strong. it’s just that the universe has decided that this one, this one will have grit, fire and steel in their blood. and it’ll be tested, this cosmic mettle of theirs. theyll face trial after trial, be broken and damaged in countless ways but this one was born to fight.

maybe its not the life they would have chosen. maybe theyd love to lay in someones arms but they were born to fight, its what they can do.

and you know, i think youre one of them.

everyone who terrifies you is sixty-five percent water and everyone you love is made out of stardust, and i know that sometimes you cannot even breathe deeply, and the night sky is no home and youve cried yourself to sleep enough times that youre down to your last two percent but nothing is infinite. not even loss. no season lasts forever. youre made of the sea and the stars and one day youll find yourself again, you will solve all your problems, you will achieve everything you want to.

youre trying hard, right? i promise it will pay off, but not at the cost of your mental health. know that you can come to me in the middle of the night and i will listen to your rant. im here for you no matter what. please, please take care of your precious self, i love you my squishy bear ❤

-your little sis, who looks up towards you like you’re a star, wishing she were as brave and strong as you are