✩ about & how it works

hi!! I’m luna starlight, the main gal behind letters of stardust. I’m overjoyed to teach you how this all works, getting to be your intergalactic guide for the night!

have you ever wanted to share something with someone, but time, distance, lack of communication, and opportunity haven’t allowed it? it could be:

✩ an old friend
✩ a famous person
✩ a loved one
✩ your favorite band
✩ your pet
✩ yourself

(click here for more ideas)

would you like to write a letter to one of these people?

letters of stardust is a unique approach to self-expression and creativity! we invite writers to submit their letters under one of our pseudonyms (Celeste, Jupiter, Luna, or Starlight) and it will be published for them on our site.

the ‘write your letter‘ page is designed so that you can anonymously submit your words, which means that everyone’s privacy and confidentiality is maintained. all comments are moderated, because bullying, harsh criticism, and abuse will not be tolerated.

we routinely post new letters on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays!

✩ no violence, swearing, or mature themes
✩ letters that exceed 1000 words will be posted in parts

can I share the names of real people? yeah! you can change the names if you’re more comfortable doing so, though.
how many letters can I send in? as many as you’d like!
can I share personal information: dates, locations, etc? you can, but just like with anything on the internet, I would advise setting personal privacy guidelines. share as much as you’re comfortable sharing xx
✩ do you edit the letters? no. the only adjustments made to letters will be ones violating the guidelines. swearing will be replaced by astericks, violence (to self or others) will be omitted, and letters with mature themes are unaccepted.
✩ are you only doing ‘letters of stardust’ in 2022? no – letters will continued to be shared for as long as we receive them!
✩ can i send in a letter to the same person twice? absolutely!