✩ letter ideas

✩ your current best friend
✩ your childhood best friend
✩ the best friend you’d love to have
✩ the best friend you almost had
✩ the best friend you thought you had
✩ the friend of a friend you never got to know
✩ your current classmates
✩ your old classmates
✩ yourself at a different age
✩ yourself during a certain time in your life
✩ yourself in the future
✩ yourself when you’re feeling down
✩ yourself when you’re happy & carefree
✩ yourself
✩ a stranger you met/saw once
✩ a stranger you see often
✩ someone who volunteered to help you once
✩ someone who did an act of kindness for you
✩ someone who smiled at you on a day when you didn’t feel like smiling
✩ someone whose presence in your life changed everything
✩ someone whose absence changed everything
✩ someone who came back
✩ someone who confused you
✩ someone who really supported you
✩ your current pet
✩ your past pet
✩ your favorite animal
✩ your favorite place to go
✩ the place you grew up
✩ the things you’ve checked off your bucket list
✩ the things you still have on your bucket list
✩ your favorite hobby
✩ your favorite music
✩ your favorite celebrity
✩ your favorite band
✩ your favorite food
✩ the things you want to experience with someone
✩ the things you’ll never get to experience with someone
✩ the memories you made with someone
✩ all the things that remind you of someone
✩ the things you’d tell someone if you could
✩ your parents
✩ your grandparents
✩ your siblings
✩ your family
✩ your favorite blogger
✩ an internet personality
✩ your favourite gamer
✩ your favorite youtuber
✩ someone who meant a lot to you
✩ someone you’re grateful for
✩ your favorite movie character
✩ an imaginary friend
✩ your home

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